Stone Soup Cottage Recipes

Pommes Anna with White Truffle Oil

Serves 4


3 Yukon gold potatoes, sliced to 1⁄₁₆ in.

2 ounces clarified butter

sea salt as needed

1 tbsp. fresh thyme leaves, chopped fine

drizzle of white truffle oil


Pour butter into a non-stick and oven-proof 7 in. sauté pan. Shingle the potatoes in a circular pattern to the center of the pan. Season with salt and sprinkle thyme leaves evenly.


Pan-fry the potatoes over medium to high heat until golden brown. Place pan into a 400 degree oven and cook until potatoes are soft and the bottom crispy. Remove and carefully invert the pan to a large plate. Display the crispy brown side up. Cut into quarters and drizzle with white truffle oil. Serve immediately.


Recipe taken from "Stone Soup Cottage: A Vignette of Seasonal Recipes" by Carl and Nancy McConnell, available for purchase at the Cottage or online